Principles of Operations

  • Contributions in Savings & Business are in Ratio 60% : 40%
  • Loan facilities at no Interest
  • Invest resources on only Halaal businesses
  • Businesses on Riba Free based Transactions
  • Facilities are of First come First served

Membership of the Cooperative/ Discipline

Qard Hasana (Non-Interest Loans)

Business and Investment

Requirement for Facility/ Guarantors

  • All Loans and Business transactions must have guarantors whoare members of the cooperative and these guarantors would be fully responsibile in case of default.

  • Guarantors shall not be allowed to take substantial loan untill and after the person they stool surety for has paid back at least twenty percent(20%) of the amount collected.

  • To qualify for loan, the intending borrower must present a guarantor that must be active and consistent members of the Cooperative with at least half the amount he is standing surety for in his/her savings account with the Society.


App paymentsto the cooperative accounts must be to the underlisted accounts. Such payments must be entered online via the cooperative portal. or send an email to the CMCS e-mail address by the payeefor the avoidance of doubts.

  • Operations Account: 0002924465 - Jaiz Bank.

  • Investment Account: 0000073280 - Jaiz Bank.

Contact Info

C/o NIGCOMSAT Limited, Obasanjo Space Centre,Airport Road, Lugbe. PMB 647, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.



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